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Prayer Request: help from God... Prayer Request: help from God...

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help from God... (Sep 24, 2019)

Prayer Request:
I'm a missionary-going through very tough times. God is strong enough. I have more than one prayer request if that is okay.  1. That I'm joyful and not depressed.  2. I have energy and am not fatigued.  3. I have faith in God even though I have so many tough problems my situation(s) seem humanly impossible x5.  4. I have faith for my own healing and to heal others in Jesus name and for God's glory. Also to recover faith to pray hard and get an answer.   5. The ability to discern a persons heart, who is a good person to work with and who is someone like this-Philippians 1:15.  6. I have a medial condition that is rare where I live. A famous doctor from another country made some medicine for me after I sent her pictures and described my condition. But I don't have much of this medicine and I want to find out what it is so I can get more. Whether by faith or medicine God provides-I want to get healed. This condition is hindering my mission and my life. Please pray I can find a lab in this country or another one where they can analyze this medicine for me so I know what it is and I can have more made if I need to. I don't want to use it all until I know what it is so I can get more. I can't find out from the doctor that gave it to me and last time it took me around two months to get it from her to me.  Thanks for prayer. I hope God will use me to save many souls here. I keep sharing his words.  

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