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Prayer Request: Please pray for my friend and his family Prayer Request: Please pray for my friend and his family

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Please pray for my friend and his family (Jan 12, 2019)

Prayer Request:
Please pray for healing, restoration and deep forgiveness for a friendship and relationship with a person who felt to me like family. Someone I was extremely close to and would have given my life for and fell out over something stupid. Please pray for this man for deep healing and to melt his cold heart and any hardness of heart and to find a deep faith in God which he would put first always. Please also pray as he and his family I believe are under some sort of spiritual attack, there could be a reason for it like disobedience to God or some dabbling with the occult or freemasonry or something. Please pray for real protection for his whole family as they really need it, for him, his brother, his mum and dad and uncle and his brother who may be alive too and anyone else who I might not know about. Please pray for them as a family to completely renounce and ties to freemasonry or anything which has caused attack and for God to truly lift all dark forces from their life and home today and to break today any generational curses and to declare to the whole family that they are each a child of God and no matter what anyone says or thinks they are each his dearly beloved children and that he would put hope today in their hearts for a good future because of Gods love for them.Please pray that each of them would find faith, through Alpha or something and God would provide them a good church where they meet with people who feel like family to them. Please pray for deep love and peace in the family and for healing from any pain. Please also pray for one of the members that something they were accused of would be fully revoked as I believe they are innocent. Please pray that God quickly undoes all these terrible things which have gone on for over ten years sapping all life out of the family. Please pray for my friend that God would show him how to lead them out of the darkness and into a new season in life where they can find joy and hope again in God. Please pray that God would comfort them in their sadness and help them out of the dark pit now?Please also pray that the missing member of their family would be found safe and already have found faith and come home to comfort them?Please pray for the blood of Jesus to protect each of their lives and for my friend and his brother that God purifies their hearts and minds?Please pray today that Jesus would take from my friend all his baggage and lighten his load and the same for his whole family?

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