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Prayer Request: our failing nation.. get others 2 vote 4 Trump Prayer Request: our failing nation.. get others 2 vote 4 Trump

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our failing nation.. get others 2 vote 4 Trump (Sep 29, 2016)

Prayer Request:
[Updated News Summary and Voting info] Hello, I am an everyday American… except I probably follow the news more closely than maybe half the population. I seek God’s will, which is why I always wanted Ted Cruz for president.  However, that was then, this is now. Not happy with Trump, I looked at Gary Johnson, but found out Johnson is just another liberal. He is pro-death (in the womb), and will appoint pro-death justices to the Supreme Court. Also, on CNNs “Town Hall” recently, he came across as favoring “LGBT concerns” over the rights and concerns of non-LGBT—and I doubt that was my imagination. In any case, I—along with many others—will never vote for an anti-life candidate. Obviously, in an abortion, the child has no choice. So much for the American concept that everyone has rights, or choice… Liberals are hypocritical when they try to (among other things) pretend they “care” about people… They always seem to defend the guilty and despise the innocent. True Americans, on the other hand, believe in "Life, liberty...[etc]" for all human beings. Should we do to others what we would never want done to ourselves?   Speaking of choice, it appears that anyone with a smidgeon of common sense can see that there is only one this year, namely, Donald Trump. I was recently pleasantly surprised to find out that Trump plans to get rid of the rule that says pastors cannot speak from the pulpit on the topic of whom to vote for—a very un-Constitutional “amendment” from former president Lyndon Johnson. Why should pastors, of all people, be limited in their Constitutional right to free speech? Trump also says he will appoint originalist Justices to the Supreme Court, those who actually adhere to the US Constitution. This is probably the most important issue of all this election cycle. If the lying, corrupt, morally vacuous liberals take over the Supreme Court, the future of this country is extremely bleak.   At one time I did not trust Trump much, but then (among other things) he chose Mike Pence for VP, someone who has done an excellent job in Indiana as governor, economically and otherwise… Vote Trump/Pence against the crooked, lying, sell-the-state-department-to-the-highest-bidder Hillary, who should be in prison. When poor people break the law or endanger national security, that is where they end up.  /  I have grown to appreciate the way Trump freely states what he is thinking. Many politicians just repeat what it is they think the people want to hear, whatever it takes to get votes. Then, God only knows what they will do/neglect to do once elected… True, we do not know what Trump will do either, but we know what Hillary has done, and it is NOT good (endangered national security…).  Hillary does this say-anything-to-get-elected act well. And why not? She has had a lot of practice. She is the consummate lying politician and con artist. Something like 70% of the population call her Dishonest, or Liar, even many Democrats.   Who wants a pathological liar for president? A sample of her many lies (more/less verbatim):  I never sent or received Classified emails… We were under sniper fire… When we left the White House, we were dead broke… I turned over all my emails…I don’t know what that “C” on the documents meant… I cannot recall… I cannot recall… I cannot recall (times 12 or 13)… I made a mistake… I made a mistake  (regarding the destruction of government property).  Trump rightly shot back that,  No, it was not a mistake, it was intentional.   And there are so many other bold-faced lies, but time does not permit…   Hillary insults our intelligence with her insistence that some classified emails were not marked. She takes for granted that most Americans do not follow the email story diligently, and therefore may not realize that it was her job as Secretary to not only know by CONTENT whether or not emails were classified, but to mark them as such if necessary! Are we supposed to believe she did not know that emails concerning drone strikes in foreign countries are by their nature classified?? Unbelievable…   By the way, Cruz did not disrespect Trump at the RNC Convention… He simply said “Vote your conscience.” The media don’t like Ted Cruz, which of course is one of the ways in which we realize he would be a great president. But in any case, as to voting one’s conscience, my conscience tells me that God does not want a corrupt, greedy, lying, anti-life con artist in the White House. Jesus tells us that only those who do the will of God [will escape Hell]. He also said that few do escape Hell (Mt 7, Lk 13, etc). Take a close look at the moral (etc) condition of our once honorable nation, and you will understand why so few make it… So few seem to even care about, much less do, the “will of the Father.”   So… we who try to appreciate and do the will of the Father will vote for Trump, who is not exactly perfect… but far closer to it (policy-wise, philosophy-wise, VP-wise… etc) than Hillary. I tend to believe Trump really cares about this country (unlike Hellary). At the recent debate, he certainly was passionate while speaking of all that is wrong in this country (bad trade deals, deals with untrustworthy, America-hating, terrorist nations…). His policies are far superior to hers, which were what caused the problems! I barely bothered to listen to her at all. Who can trust what a serial liar says?  -  She recently insulted millions of Americans whose voting decisions she disagrees with, calling them “deplorable”… racist, “Islamophobic,” etc… She apparently wants to be president only of the people she agrees with… another 4 years of that. She and all liberals adhere to a philosophy that is dangerous, and has horrendous consequences to our country’s long-term interests. Their foreign policy is responsible for ISIS—and the spread of ISIS, which is now in 28 countries. With all the refugees the liberals want to let into our country, it looks like they want ISIS here in the US as well. But of course it is already here. Ask the people of San Bernardino… or Orlando (etc). Liberal Democrats in WA seem to base many of their decision on political expediency… only seem to care about the D party, and their own selfish desire for power. The Left is defined by their MO of not thinking through any given decision to its logical conclusion, before acting (and/or of not giving a rip about the end result of their illogical decisions). And then there is the herd mentality they exhibit, demonstrated by how they all stick together to protect their own, no matter how egregious, no matter how unlawful or destructive the wrongs  committed—up to and including: endangering national security! Very scary… Not one of the Ds criticizes Hellary, to speak of.   So we know how she got to be where she is (running for president). Should someone who is “extremely careless” with national security, who (“allegedly”… right) uses government office to sell access and favors to hostile foreigners, and grows rich doing so be rewarded with the highest office in the nation?   Trump is often rough around the edges, but he has a sound economic policy, a foreign policy that will keep us SAFE, and excellent advisors. Please ask everyone you know (or do not know) to vote for him. He is in favor of lowering taxes for all Americans, and for getting rid of economically-stifling business regulations, which interfere with job creation. Without raising the Debt, he plans to provide extra tax relief to cover the expense of child care for working-class Americans. I have to say I haven’t studied that plan in depth, and part of me says it looks like another entitlement program, but at least he appreciates the difficulties the non-wealthy encounter raising children. Many liberals like Hellary believe that you, the non-elite (working class and lower class) should not even have a right to raise your own children, regardless of whether or not you are “abusive” or “neglectful”(!)—that instead, the state should raise them. “It takes a village to raise a child” is code for “The state can, and hopefully WILL (if she is elected) raise your children, because the state can do a better job than you clueless fly-over folks.” This is their goal because they want to mold your children into good little, God-less liberals… downright creepy. I have hard evidence to back this claim up, but time does not permit… Suffice it to say that you can never, ever trust liberals. Liberals love big (read: tyrannical, controlling, abusive) government that habitually infringes on or removes completely our rights and freedoms, and hinders and weakens the economy. Hillary will increase regulations and raise taxes—and not only on the wealthy. Tax revenue from the wealthy alone cannot pay for her extravagant programs. She has said she will put coal miners out of work! On the other hand, Trump will bring back companies (jobs) from overseas, by lowering our (highest in the world!) corporate tax rate! Democrat policies of gratuitous regulations and high taxes have driven US companies (jobs) overseas. Didn’t we fight a war in the beginning of our history that had something to do with oppressive taxation? Tyrannical government…? It’s pretty bad when companies go to the extreme of moving overseas. Now our unemployment rate is high—if you include all those no longer bothering to look for work. We have the lowest economic rate of growth since the 40s (the years right after the Depression)! Trump will develop the USA’s own energy resources so that we do not have to depend for oil on countries that hate us and want to destroy us. And using American oil reserves means we will have lower utility bills. Do the rich, liberal elite really care if we nobodies who already pay 30-50% or more of our income on rent have to pay ridiculous utility bills? No, they do not care. We have had a far left liberal in office now for almost 8 years, and we can see how that works for us… an increase in utility costs, sluggish economy, Obamacare (“If you like your doctor, you can keep him”…“If you like your plan, you can keep it”)… less than half the economic growth of every other president (this is the only president to never reach 3% growth)… increased terrorism in the world, being disrespected by other countries… a doubling of the national Debt in only 8 years… lowest rate of home ownership in 50 years (even lower for Blacks)… massive corruption in government… the US (“indirectly”… right) financing terrorism (!)… attacks against law-enforcement  in cases of cop-involved shootings before the evidence is even collected, much less evaluated or adjudicated—while the president says nothing against the rioting and looting… Corruption, lawlessness and lies… corruption, lawlessness and lies… How can we expect the citizenry—especially young people—to respect the law and adhere to it diligently when the highest offices in the land are full of corrupt, greedy, me-first, habitual liars? - The Democrats claim to be “humanitarian” RE the refugees they are trying to bring into our country by the thousands… just another lie. If they had any sense of compassion, they would put the safety of Americans first. That is government’s PRIMARY job. But no, they want foreigners no one knows (who can be taken care of OVER THERE) to surge into our country, simply so that the D party can get more votes. We do not buy their claims of “compassion” since they exhibit no compassion whatsoever for other groups… children in the womb… Christians… non-Democrats, and various other “deplorables.” Their seeming outrage about human rights rings hollow when we consider the uter callousness and barbarity they exhibit toward the “unwanted” unborn (who are wanted by child-less couples, not to mention God). They are apparently the worst of the worst “deplorables,” in the same category, apparently, as conservatives. Hillary recently said she is proud to claim Republicans—a huge chuck of the US population—as Enemy Number One! Gee, I would think… ISIS? North Korea? … the “Death to America”-chanting Iranians? No, she says Republicans are her greatest enemy! Another 4 years of that… And now she has the audacity to ask for their vote?! Please…   We know why the Left does not care about the unborn: they cannot vote. Liberals only “show compassion” toward those who vote, and of course only those who vote or tend to vote Democrat (minorities… non-Christians… unrepentant criminals). In any given situation, they usually prefer the lawless over the law-abiding... Haven’t we all seen—or worse, experienced first-hand—more crime since 2008? Liberals pretend to care about national security! Unbelievable—considering how Hellary exposed top secret Information to all the world—for her own selfish reasons (to hide her corruption) and the Ds all protect her crookedness. Even now, before she is even president, she is endangering national security by sending a message to ISIS that if elected, she will not send ground troops to the middle east!  Whether you are in favor of US troops on the ground in the middle east or not, the problem is: she is giving information to the enemy! This makes sense when you consider that terrorist-friendly nations have been some of her biggest donors!  We will not be safe with her at the helm because she is indebted to them for giving the Clinton Foundation millions! Or are we to believe they want nothing in exchange for their millions, save a few words (speeches)? Right. This is really scary when you think about it… Another 4 years? No—worse: She wants to increase by more than 500% the number of terrorists (I mean “refugees”) entering our country. Do we need any further proof that the liberals do not care about us? How many more stabbings like the one a few days ago in MN… how many more bombs like the one in NY a few days ago… and the one in New Jersey (also only a few days ago)… before we REALLY do something? We remember President Truman (who looks like Barry Goldwater compared to today’s Democrats) and how he ENDED the second World War by bombing Japan (the lesser of 2 evils). And no, lying and disingenuous liberals, I am not necessarily saying we should nuke Syria into oblivion. For one thing, nearly every dictator and his brother these days has nuclear weapons… My point is that Truman didn’t play around with our enemies, as today’s clueless liberals do (with their ridiculous rules of engagement, etc). He certainly did not allow the enemy (in the guise of “refugees”) to enter our country during that time of war.  Can you blame people for not getting terribly upset over Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering our country “until we know what is going on”? Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Again, the government’s primary job is to keep us safe. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to let anyone into our country, anyone at all. We remember the Japanese internment camps (WW II)… and the Japanese Americans were not even doing anything against our country, certainly not setting off bombs and randomly stabbing people in the name of their religion! But why should Hillary or other elitist liberals care about unknown foreigners living amongst us (the unimportant little people)? She has armed guards surrounding her wherever she goes. Do we need any further proof liberals do not care?  They talk a good game (like all con artists) but I doubt they care about anyone, save other liberals, and then only the (protected) elite among them.   I will tell you what the liberal elite care about: power and control. It’s as simple as that. They are terrorists themselves because they say to us nobodies: “Be liberal or die (lose your rights).”   Not surprisingly, Hellary’s illegal private server has apparently been hacked by numerous haters around the world. And why is it that… one hacker recently got almost 4 years in prison for hacking, while someone like Hillary, who gives our enemies an engraved invitation to hack government records gets… the White House!?   Why do people in DC (and the dishonest media) keep protecting her?  Answer: because they are as corrupt as she is… Attorney General Lynch owes her job to Hillary’s husband, etc. For liberals to judge the wrongs of other liberals (Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch), and actually hold them accountable in accordance with the law would mean judging themselves, and they refuse to be judged—by God or anyone else. (After death of course, they will have no choice…). The liberals’ negligence RE national security allowed an extreme jihadist woman into our country, where she and her radicalized husband murdered 14 people (San Bernardino)… We see Gitmo emptied of dangerous jihadists… No, the liberals do NOT care about us… We see the rich, elite liberals in the Administration hypocritically using armed body guards… while at the same time proposing laws to take away the rights of We, the (little) People to protect ourselves!  The hypocrisy meter has broken!  Hmm… release dangerous jihadists who hate us, and will always find guns, legal or otherwise, with which to kill us, but deprive the law-abiding citizens of weapons to defend themselves against them… Do we need any further proof liberals do not care about us? In fact, they actually want to get rid of some of us “unimportant people”… See: history of the Hillary-supported, abortion-providing, abortion promoting Planned Parenthood, whose founder Margaret Sanger had ties to—and a shared philosophy with—the Nazis! Sanger spoke of “inferior races,” and said they should be eliminated. That is why Sanger pushed birth-control clinics, and why today, abortion “clinics” are strategically located in parts of cities where there are many Blacks. Those who follow Sanger’s lead today—Hillary and the far left—continue her elitist, racist agenda. Blacks make up 14% of the population, yet they have 40% of all abortions!  Hillary loves Planned Parenthood—one of her biggest donors! Hillary received the Margaret Sanger award… She has said she admires Sanger “enormously” and is “in awe” of her work! Unbelievable… Where are the accusations of racism (that we would hear if this were a Republican)? But no... crickets. The Democrat party was the party of slavery and the KKK. On the other hand, it was the party of Lincoln (the first Republican president) who abolished slavery, and (what many people do not realize): it was also the Republican party who supported the Civil Rights Acts—while a majority of the Democrat party voted against them! Hillary and the Left do not want Blacks to know about this part of history, which may be one reason why they want to keep poor Blacks in substandard schools. But the main reason they want to keep them in bad schools is because they do not want to go against the teacher’s union that always gives money to the D party—which financial support is of course more important than disadvantaged children. It is the Republicans (Donald Trump) who want to give these low-income children school vouchers so they can get a quality education—along with the wealthy. The elites in DC rarely, if ever send their children to public schools, while they at the same time repeatedly vote against the voucher system, the hypocrites!  See the movie Hillary’s America.  We are supposed to believe Hillary cares about education… enough to force the taxpayers to provide “debt-free college” for most Americans. Yet she will send those public-school-educated children to college with a handicap, and many of them will not make it. And who is going to pay for this “debt-free” college? Why should the majority who do NOT go to college pay for the minority who do? And why should the taxpayers put out this huge sum of money when many who will receive this “freebie” (which will not be appreciated because it is free) will never graduate. And some will get a degree but it will not help them get a satisfactory job? More waste in government…  Even with a college degree, one is not guaranteed a satisfactory job. Then there is the question of: Why is it that the wealthy always have to pay for everything—while others get everything free? Is that fair?  It is true that those who are actually disadvantaged cannot afford college, and there should be a way for them to get help. But there is a way: Pell Grants, work study, and scholarships. I do not see why the wealthy should have to pay for college, while the nearly-wealthy will now be given help, along with the poor. Under this proposal, the taxpayers would also have to shoulder the burden for schools other than colleges (trade schools). But we have a $20 trillion Debt!  Hellary wants to increase it in spades. Then there is the issue of how colleges are  brainwashing our young people (to be politically correct, to be narcissists, to be wimps who cannot tolerate ideas not their own). And one of the biggest problems in this debt-free college issue is that: If the government pays for it, they will control it… same-old-same-old… Hillary, like all libeals, never has a problem spending other people’s money. It is how she has always operated. She has been living off the government for almost 30 years. But bigger government always means less freedom.  -  Hillary lied to Congress about having only one mobile (blackberry, etc.) device, when she actually had over 13! Some of those cannot be found! Some have been demolished with a hammer—AFTER a subpoena was issued!  Uh, yeh… and what would happen to us, the little people if we were to do that? And didn’t she tell us that she declined to use the government email system required by law because she wanted the convenience of having only ONE device? Un-freaking believable!  FBI Director Comey’s disingenuous statement that she had no “intent” is bogus. Intent has been proven in spades. The fact that she or her staff destroyed the subpoenaed records shows an attempt to hide (obstruct) access to government records.  How does one unintentionally “hammer to death” a blackberry device? How does one unintentionally use Bleachbit to delete thousands of emails? Did she have no intent when she gave access to classified information to people without security clearance? And why would someone who has nothing to hide LIE continuously?   Destroying government records, especially AFTER there is a subpoena issued is called obstruction of justice. That, and LYING to Congress are felonies. But she is Hillary… so, as always, she gets a pass, whereas some little schmuck like the decorated war veteran David Petreaus, who merely planned and executed many successful operations in the middle east (which successes, by the way, have been un-done by the current, clueless Administration), and was guilty of FAR less than Hillary, gets the book thrown at him!  The little people must obey the law—or else… but she and her husband are above it—virtual royalty. Are we a monarchy now? And she hasn’t even been crowned (I mean elected) yet!  Her husband was impeached for the same things she is now being credibly accused of: perjury and obstruction of justice… yet he was not forced to resign as Nixon was… The Clintons never change or learn because they do not have to change or learn—no one ever holds them accountable. We cannot let this kind of tyranny, lawlessness and un-American/anti-American behavior continue to corrupt our nation. As one commentator recently said, We are getting to be like a 3rd world dictatorship. … . For years the Clinton Foundation has been raking in millions of dollars from untrustworthy, hostile-to-democracy foreign countries, countries that treat women and Christians as inferior, as enemies and infidels. The liberal, mainstream (lamestream) media want us all to ignore these scandals. The reason, as someone put it so well is: “They [the mainstream media] are hell-bent on getting Hillary elected.” Hell-bent… what an apropos word choice! This is a serious problem, about as serious as it gets… one both parties should be concerned about, yet only one is…   Hillary wants us to ignore all her lies and corruption and reward it all with the highest office in the nation? I don’t think so… not if we reasonable, law-abiding Americans (who would appreciate at least a modicum of equality between the elites in WA and the rest of us) have anything to say about it.   There is something vile going on in this country. One word pretty much suffices: liberals. Not all liberals are serial liars, but all serial liars are liberals.   Hillary is sold out to her donors, which include HOSTILE, anti-democracy governments, countries that treat women, Jews and Christians like scum… She is a blatant hypocrite to claim to care about equality for women. And she will never do anything much (impose sanctions, etc) against terror-supporting countries because she has been bought out by those countries. She and her husband, with the help of those who robotically protect them regardless of the evil they do, are owned by these America-hating countries. That is really scary when you think of it…   Again, Trump is not perfect. But who do you want running this country—someone who has been using and abusing the system—worse than any ineligible, fraud-committing welfare recipient—and profiting HUGELY from it and who is indebted to unstable, Democracy-hating foreign countries… or someone who has worked hard all his life (as have most Americans), in the private sector, where incompetence and corruption are not routinely tolerated, much less rewarded? How many jobs has Hellary ever created? Trump has created thousands, probably tens of thousands. Hellary, on the other hand, has actually caused the US to LOSE jobs (I hear NY lost jobs as well, while she was Senator of that state).  Companies move overseas rather than pay the liberals’ high taxes and the high cost of onerous regulations (Obamacare being one of the worst).  I find it hard to believe businesses would prefer being located in un-safe foreign countries. But some businesses make little or no profit when the liberals are in charge.   Please do not vote for the lying, corrupt, anti-life, security breaching, office-selling, me-first-nation-last Hillary.   The Independent Gary Johnson is just another liberal, with a few Republican talking points thrown in… He equates freedom with a virtual license to do anything one wants, irrespective of consequences… But license to do as one pleases is not the definition of true freedom, and in fact results in the exact opposite: bondage and oppression. Hedonistic lawlessness as he proposes actually does away with freedom, and corrupts our youth.   That is not good… but that said, at least we have no knowledge that Gary Johnson is a corrupt, narcissistic, pathological liar like Hellary.   As one political pundit has said: Liberalism is a mental disorder… In my own experience—and I know I speak for millions here—life, when Republicans are in office, is always so much better… even for Democrats!   Say No to another 4 years (or worse)…   PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. Your country needs you! One of the most important things you can spend your spare time doing is fighting for your country…   Anonymous American  [email and phone provided are inactive]  

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